There's something about the figure "$100,000" that just has a magical ring to it. Since the 1980s, a $100,000 income has been a benchmark of financial success. It used to buy a nice house in a posh neighborhood, two cars in the driveway, family vacations, college tuition for the kids, and a fair level of luxuries. Only about 20% of American households...

The best marketing tip you will ever learn.

Years ago, my brother and I were looking for a location to open an automotive and brake repair franchise.

We talked to a gazillion realtors. We searched through traffic flow counts down at city hall. We spoke with the
mayor's office. We did everything we could do to try to get the perfect, but affordable location for our business.

Then we asked an Israeli friend who was an ex-Mossad intelligence agent what he thought about how to find the
best location. What he told us was genius and changed my marketing life forever.

The great thing is, you don't have to be an ex-CIA, Special Ops, or ex-Mossad agent to come up with clever ideas like our friend did.

The solution was simple, "Find out where Walmart, K-Mart, Sears, JC Penny's and other top brands are located and get as close to
them as you possibly can. Of course, start with Walmart and work your way down."

Bam! That was the solution that we were searching for. Why spend thousands of dollars on market research when others with
much deeper pockets have already done the work for you?

Okay, before you say, "But I'm an online marketer, how does that help me?" or "This won't work for my business." Let me answer.

This morning, a friend of mine asked if it was better to use landing pages on your own website or to use Click Funnel.
(no this is not an ad for Click Funnel)

So, I did about 3 minutes of research. Actually less than 3 minutes. I clicked on Frank Kern's email link that he sent me this morning.

Bam, again!

There it was. Frank Kern uses Click Funnel.

Question answered quickly, painlessly and without even having to use up too many brain cells or spend a dollar.

(no, this is not an ad for Frank Kern either) This is just good ole friendly marketing and business building, brand building

Now with that said, I also have an easy solution for finding out who your target audience is without having to waste a ton
of money experimenting with Facebook ads. Want to know what it is? I thought you did. I'll tell you later.

For now, take care


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